Who is exhibiting at FAB 2017?

Who is exhibiting at FAB 2017?

Headline sponsor of FAB 2017

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At Coelrind, our experienced team bring together expertise in assessment development, exam administration, instructional design and eLearning development with a deep understanding of how to future-proof technology so as to provide flexible, scalable and sustainable solutions. We have helped all sizes of organisations with our easy to deploy, fully managed solutions including: awarding organisations; training providers; certification bodies; professional bodies; third sector; organisations; government departments and corporations. Our assessment platform – XAMS – is used by many of the UK leading awarding organisations and has delivered examinations to large numbers of students – online, offline and on paper – across the world. At FAB 2017 we will be also be demonstrating our new learning portal which provides timely and affordable access to over 400 eLearning vocational learning titles, from a wide range of publishers, covering all sectors. Visit our website www.coelrind.co.uk

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In alphabetical order, the following companies are exhibiting at FAB 2017.

A1 Security Print

A1 Security Print

A1 Security Print work in close partnership with Denote Print to provide secure examination printing solutions to the educational sector. Our strong alliance spans 20 years, and together we currently provide secure documents to over 100 UK institutions, as well as many international organisations.

Whether it’s the printing and personalisation of secure certificates and diplomas, the printing of examination question and answer papers, or the accurate production of OMR and ICR forms, we provide a secure, dependable and flexible service that meets the individual requirements of awarding bodies and exceeds their expectations.

Our strict verification procedures guarantee the integrity of your data throughout the whole production process, and our highly efficient variable data printing processes and finishing solutions ensure that your time critical projects are delivered on time to the high standards that you demand.

In addition, our bespoke software solutions include real time reporting and even document verification applications.

Phone: 0121 554 0044 or visit our website www.a1securityprint.com
Adare SEC

Adare SEC

Adare SEC specialises in the design, production, personalisation and mailing of secure documents. We provide certificates, examination papers, and plastic cards to a number of leading UK and international awarding bodies and education establishments.

To combat the growing problems surrounding certificate and qualification fraud, Adare has developed a secure certificate and examination printing solution. Trusted by leading awarding bodies, we work with our customers to design and produce high quality, secure certificates at our purpose built secure facility.

Our unique certificate personalisation capabilities and expertise enable us to handle data and manufacture certificates that are fully protected against fraudulent tampering.

Our vast experience and proven ability to deliver complex, time-sensitive projects makes us a perfect partner for your certificate and examination printing needs.

In addition, if your organisation has members, we can improve the quality, cost and efficiency of your membership communications through our plastic card production and fulfillment services.

Visit our website www.adarsec.com
Advanced Secure Technologies

Advanced Secure Technologies

Awarding Organisations issuing eDocuments, such as eCertificates and eTranscripts are delivering new services for their centres and learners, improving customer experience, enhancing learner employability, reducing costs and supporting membership recruitment.

Advanced Secure Technologies supports these initiatives with our Digital Certificates system that allows AO’s to issue both print and digital qualification documents, in an efficient and secure in-house process.

eCertificates - At the FAB Conference we’ll be demonstrating how the Digital Certificates solution is enabling Awarding Organisations to deliver eCertificates for their Training Centres, Learners, and Employers through a secure online portal.

Secure Certificates - Advanced Secure Certificate Papers offer unique, high level and patented security features that are currently protecting the awards of more than 120 Awarding organisations and Universities.

We look forward to discussing eCertificates with you at FAB 2017.

Phone: 029 2077 6800 or visit our website www.advancedsecure.co.uk
Alpha Plus

Alpha Plus

AlphaPlus is an education consultancy specialising in the design, development and deployment of qualifications and their underpinning assessments, and the evaluation of their performance and impact

AlphaPlus offers a wide range of support services for Awarding Organisations ranging from qualification and assessment development through to support for HR and recruitment. Our work with AOs dates back over a decade, and our team comprises people with senior experience in running AOs and specialist skills in areas such as assessment design, and policy and regulation. Our work is customised to AOs' particular needs, and designed to work alongside existing teams. Our approach is collaborative, and all our clients are treated with discretion and confidentiality.

Core services include:

  • Qualification and standards design and development
  • Examination assessments development
  • Portfolio and work-based assessments development
  • Training and capacity building in assessment and qualifications
  • Technology-based assessment development
  • Assessment Performance Management
  • For more information on any of the above services please contact Gillian Whitehouse: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Apech Systems Ltd

Apech Systems Ltd

April 2017, and the new Trailblazer Apprenticeships will be here before we know it. In preparation, ASL has developed a new software suite called ADS (Apprenticeship Delivery System) for anyone who is or wants to be a training provider or End Point Assessor.

ADS compromises two modules. Firstly, an e-Portfolio system for knowledge, skills and competency assessment delivery and secondly a 360 behavioural assessment system for 360 degree assessment delivery.

This second module has behavioural assessment for team work, communication skills etc., from self, employer, assessor, training provider, manager, peers etc., grading/marks with average score per assessment area or topic and many more features.

Here at Aptech we are very excited about the forthcoming opportunities arising from the new Trailblazer Apprenticeship Framework, and we are ready for it. Are you ?.............

Visit our website www.amcofm.co.uk
British Council

British Council

The British Council delivers over 3 million exams every year. We work with over 150 UK awarding bodies and institutions and are helping a growing number of clients realise significant opportunities overseas.

With highly trained and experienced staff operating in 95 countries, we offer worldwide access to markets and the ability to run exams under secure conditions across the globe. We meet a variety of awarding body standards and have our own quality and compliance standards which our centres are audited against on a regular basis.

Our services cover these main areas: guidance on local market opportunities; support for business development; counselling and registration of candidates; identifying and securing suitable venues; secure exam delivery; distribution of results and certificates; guidance and support for awarding bodies transitioning to computer based testing; computer-based testing facilities worldwide; secure printing of question papers in country; scanning of scripts.

Phone: 020 7389 4864 or visit our website www.britishcouncil.org


Surpass, the Assessment Platform created by BTL

BTL is proud to be working at the heart of the awarding market in the UK. Our assessment technology is trusted by global organisations to deliver secure high stakes examinations. Plus, Surpass is recognised as a best-of-breed solution for integration with your current candidate management systems thanks to the use of advanced APIs.

Over 18 million exams have been delivered in more than 24,500 centres in the UK and abroad. Surpass candidate delivery has an excellent reputation amongst training providers for its reliability and ease of use. Secure and flexible authoring, item banking and delivery options mean you can reach learners regardless of whether they’re at a centre, on the road or at work. Be it on paper, on-screen or on tablet, Surpass will work for you.

Visit our website www.btl.com


BWB is a professional services consultancy, combining a top legal practice with impact, advisory and compliance advisory services. The firm works with a wide range of clients, large and small, across a variety of sectors – from established businesses, charities and social enterprises to innovative start-ups and high-profile individuals.

Understanding awarding organisations (AOs) and Ofqual regulation is a specialist area of law. BWB is one of the few law firms with a dedicated team providing legal services to bodies on Ofqual’s Register of Regulated Qualifications, including several chartered institutes and sports governing bodies. We understand the business behind providing and developing prestigious vocational qualifications. As a full service firm, we advise AOs on a broad range of commercial, regulatory, property and litigation issues. Particular specialist advice includes Ofqual regulation, including obtaining regulatory opinions; centre agreements; disputes between awarding organisations and centres; and merging Ofqual-related organisations.

The regulation of qualifications being provided overseas is a very current issue for AOs and Ofqual. BWB has advised a number of AOs on their operations outside of England & Wales and have guided AOs through the dos and don’ts of operating overseas, including which learners are and aren’t regulated.

For more information about the work we do for Awarding Organisations, please contact Emma Dowden-Teale at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Calibrand, the currency for talent® specialises in providing e-assessment solutions that assess, monitor, measure, benchmark, track and test people during periods of employment and training. We deliver assessments and learning for qualifications, licensing, certifications and tests.

In 2016 we are celebrating a birthday - we have been established for over twenty-five years! This year also sees us pass the landmark of delivering over ten million online assessments.

In addition to our software solutions at FAB we want to talk to Awarding Organisations about how we can help with three main things;

  • Driving more business to your Awarding Body – our virtual centre model.
  • Trailblazers, we’re getting ready, are you?
  • Fair, valid and reliable – as regulators tighten up around test and item statistics are you prepared? Prevention is better than cure!

Come and see us on the first floor by the seminar rooms or visit us at www.calibrand.com
Cirrus Assessment

Cirrus Assessment

Cirrus Assessment is an international provider of cloud-based e-Assessment solutions. With headquarters in the Netherlands and offices in the UK, USA and Norway, we are passionate about education and its ability to empower people across the globe.

Harnessing the power of the cloud, the Cirrus Platform supports educators and learners throughout the entire assessment process. It has been designed with ease of use in mind and has intuitive interfaces, common sense workflows and easy navigation.

Our users have the freedom to focus on creating the best possible assessments for their learners. As the Cirrus Platform is cloud-based, our customers always have the latest version of the system available to them. Regular updates and new features are seamlessly delivered directly to users. No more weighty user manuals or waiting around for software updates, just simple, straightforward assessment solutions!

Phone: 01727 800296 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website www.cirrusassessment.com


Our experienced team bring together expertise in assessment development, exam administration, instructional design and eLearning development with a deep understanding of how to future-proof technology so as to provide flexible, scalable and sustainable solutions.

We have helped all sizes of organisations with our easy to deploy, fully managed solutions including: awarding organisations; training providers; certification bodies; professional bodies; third sector; organisations; government departments and corporations.

Our assessment platform – XAMS – is used by many of the UK leading awarding organisations and has delivered examinations to large numbers of students – online, offline and on paper – across the world.

At FAB 2017 we will be also be demonstrating our new learning portal which provides timely and affordable access to over 400 eLearning vocational learning titles, from a wide range of publishers, covering all sectors.

Visit our website www.coelrind.co.uk


Connect are a leading UK provider of accessible formats to awarding organisations in the UK and abroad and are proud to be trusted partners of Pearson, OCR, CIE, CE and other similar bodies.

We are special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) specialists and provide a complete solution for the development and production of modified papers. 

Our whole process is carried out in one place by our specialist team who have extensive knowledge and understanding with regards to Awarding Organisation’s levels of accuracy and timescales.

Connect offer the following services:

  • Modification of standard examination papers across the curriculum by specialist teachers of children with visual impairment or hearing impairment
  • Production of Modified Large Print papers
  • Production of Tactile diagrams
  • Production of audio files and transcripts
For a full list of our services, visit our website www.iwanttoconnect.co.uk or give us a call on 01270 449 165


Creatio Creatio provides a wide range of services to Awarding Organisations (AO):

Consultancy services from independent audits; on-going regulatory advice and support and trouble-shooting; AO recognition applications to sitting on committees as a regulatory advisor. Our consultants are ex-AO and/or regulatory staff and have gained AO recognition for numerous organisations under the General Conditions and therefore have an excellent understanding of regulatory requirements and expectations.

The creatiogreen system – an intuitive centre and AO focussed workflow solution that is configured to meet an AO’s needs and underpins their Governance, Qualification Development, Centre Management and Learner Registration/Certification processes. It has been expanded to support the end-to-end AAO/EPA lifecycle from apprenticeship set-up, to enrollment/registration to the booking and allocation of external assessors as well as holding achievement outcomes and evidence.

Visit us during the conference to find out more. Phone Alan Long on 07985 193 541, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website www.creatio.org.uk
Digital Assess

Digital Assess

Digital Assess is a leading supplier of evidence-based assessment products that empower learners to evidence the application of their acquired knowledge through demonstrable skills, in the classroom or work place. Our assessment technologies are used by centres, training providers and accreditation bodies to support the delivery, assessment and verification of vocational qualifications and apprenticeships, across the UK and internationally.

We are changing learning for the better and making evidence-based assessment more reliable, easier to validate, more authentic and simpler to manage. Assess better. Engage more fully. Improve learning.

Phone: 0238 068 4500 or visit our website www.digitalassess.com


There has been a huge increase in online courses and now courses can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Qualification management needs to support this change by enabling awarding bodies greater flexibility, better control and increased security. We built Ecertsecure with this in mind, providing online certificate creation, remote printing, digital distribution and secure validation from anywhere in the world.

Whether issuing traditional paper secure certificates or digital certificates, Ecertsecure provides a bespoke platform, built around your processes, with automation and compliance at its heart.

With technology borrowed from the passport industry, Ecertsecure is at its best when generating and distributing secure digital certificates – easily created and automatically emailed to each candidate with your own personalised message.

If you are personalising certificates in-house, Ecertsecure is a powerful tool for generating overprint documents en masse via simple data upload, while adding security features.

Or why not completely outsource your certificate process, with Ecertsecure as the control platform.

As the world becomes increasingly globalised, it’s important that your certificates are able to meet the demands of students on the move. Visit our website at www.ecertsecure.co.uk.


EinTech are more than just a software solutions company. We believe that the key to a successful partnership is working with you to understand your processes and requirements – developing a system that is easy to use, cost effective, reliable and provides the data and information you need to manage your business.

ROGO; A customisable e-Assessment & eLearning delivery system, designed to specifically meet the requirements of awarding bodies. Initially developed in collaboration with the UK awarding body, The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.

Designed to provide speedy and efficient:

  • Item banking
  • Test publishing
  • Results management
  • Human marking
  • Easy integration with existing software and processes
  • Multiple testing options and rich-media integration
  • One touch publishing for global delivery
We deliver tests globally in over 80 countries including many with poor internet connectivity, such as Central Africa, China and Russia.

Rogo is also used to monitor and assess apprentices and manage apprenticeship programmes.


etc.venues are a leading provider of non-residential training and conference venues in London, Birmingham and Manchester. Established in 1992 we now have 16 venues operating in the UK.

Our award winning formula is simple – perfect training, meeting and conference rooms that are ‘designed for purpose’ supported by inspiring communal breakout areas. All of our rooms have natural daylight and high ceilings, specialist ergonomic furniture and uninterrupted sightlines. The venues contain IT and AV equipment of the highest standard and are designed purely for training and business events. The result is a totally dedicated business environment designed for the needs of the event organiser. Our venues have award winning teams on site to support your event including AV technicians, event co-ordinators and in-house catering teams. This means that your event is handled by one team ensuring it runs smoothly and without any issue.

Visit our website www.etcvenues.co.uk

FE Week

FE Week

FE Week is a weekly newspaper serving the further education and skills sector.

The paper is a lively read, offering a mixture of news, expert comment, features, technical information, job adverts, coffee break snippets and more.

It is written for middle and senior management working in colleges and independent training providers, and those interested in this sector, including government, policy shapers and other service providers.

Subscription is from just £75 per year, and you can find out more at www.feweek.co.uk

visit: www.feweek.co.uk email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. call: 020 8123 4778


GradeMaker delivers specialist assessment technology and services to exam boards worldwide, improving the validity and quality of exam content, and supporting improved workflow models. GradeMaker’s products include GradeMaker Pro, an easy-to-use yet powerful exam authoring system. It takes the complexity and risk out of the authoring process, providing you and your authors with the tools and resources you need to create world-leading assessments. GradeMaker Pro supports delivery of both printed papers and etesting, and conforms with internationally recognised QTI standards. GradeMaker is part of the Stephen Austin group.
Hague Print

Hague Print

Certificate fraud can damage an Awarding body’s brand and jeopardise their reputation as providers of high quality qualifications.

With over 30 years’ experience, Hague has a strong reputation within the Education sector. We supply secure certificates and transcripts to over 200 Universities and Awarding bodies worldwide.

To make sure that an Awarding Body’s resources are used in the most productive and cost-effective way, Hague have a fully automated exam paper and certificate/transcript overprinting solution that will save the institution both time and money. Bespoke daily reports and tracking spreadsheets can be provided to tell you where your documents have been sent to around the UK or around the world.

Working closely with our customers, we offer flexible solutions tailored to their needs whilst helping them fight the risk of fraud and protect their brand.


NetXtra devise business solutions of magnitude that empower organisations to streamline their processes and enable you to effectively engage with your audiences online. We have invested over twenty years into understanding and meeting the unique needs of organisations in your sector.

Our mission is to make ‘our knowledge your success’. We achieve that through establishing and building meaningful relationships with those we work with. This foundation enables us to gain a unique understanding of your organisation and business processes.

NetXtra’s business analysis capability enables us to collaboratively identify and implement actionable insights. These insights inform your business logic and rules, and will result in the creation of business critical systems. The successful implementation and application of these systems provides further insight and knowledge which underpin your successful ongoing transformation.

Some of our 100+ clients include FAB member organisations such as;

  • National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health
  • Pensions Management Institute
  • British Institute of Facilities Management
  • Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
  • Council for Dance Education and Training members the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing.

The scope of digital solutions we provide is vast, from the development of beautiful intuitive websites and complex integration projects through to the delivery of evidence management systems, CPI (Course Provider Interface) and CPD portals. The CPI enables Course Providers to add and manage their own exams and other services which saves awarding bodies like yours valuable resource.

We’d love to meet you at FAB 2017, and would encourage you to come and visit us at stand 23 on the mezzanine level.

Phone: 01787 319393, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website www.netxtra.net


The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England.

We maintain standards and confidence in GCSE, AS and Level qualifications, taken by learners in schools and colleges throughout England. We also regulate vocational qualifications in a wide range of different occupational sectors.

We’re independent of government and report directly to Parliament.

We’re responsible for making sure that:

  • Regulated qualifications reliably indicate the knowledge, skills and understanding students have demonstrated
  • Assessments and exams show what a student has achieved.
  • People, including employers, have confidence in the qualifications that we regulate
  • Students and teachers have information on the full range of qualifications that we regulate

Phone: 0300 303 3344 or visit our website www.gov.uk/ofqual


Gordon Associates provide Parnassus, the market-leading portal-style AO business management system for Awarding Organisations (AO’s). Parnassus supports NQF, QCF and RQF and manages core AO business functions from Centre Approval through to Certification, including Learner Registration and Management.

Parnassus is scalable and customizable, with the capability to add optional modules, including Exam booking and scheduling. New up and coming Parnassus features include a CRM module, which delivers Document Management and Workflow, enabling AO’s to deliver customer focused solutions. Please also ask about our proposed new module for managing End-Point Assessments.

For further information come to our stand or see www.parnassusonline.com +44 (0)1242 529 820
Pearson VUE

Pearson VUE

Each year millions of people around the world take an exam with Pearson VUE. Chances are you, or someone you know, has recently tested with us. Your neighbour, the computer programmer ... your dad’s nurse, children’s teacher, real estate agent or college grad who wants to go to business school ... all demonstrate their knowledge, skill and commitment when they test with Pearson VUE.

More than 450 test owners across the globe choose Pearson VUE to help develop, manage, deliver and grow their testing programmes. From online practice tests to high-stakes, proctored exams that require the industry’s most secure testing environments, Pearson VUE is the leader in computer-based-testing — and much more.

Visit www.pearsonvue.com to learn how computer-based testing can benefit you.
Portico Consulting

Portico Consulting

Quartz is the market-leading IT system chosen by over 30 Awarding Organisations. It is a uniquely comprehensive system supporting: registrations, award, certification and AuthentiQual© eCertification; qualification development; business development, sales and marketing; centre approval and centre management; compliance and quality assurance; automated work-flow management; and support for AAO’s.

Quartz supports a wide range of registration, enrolment and assessment models, including centre and external assessment models, including examinations. This reflects the flexibility Quartz provides to meet diverse and changing local needs, delivered through unrivalled depth and breadth of functionality. Quartz provides multiple data input options, and tightly integrates with eAssessment and Finance systems, and with the PLR and LRS, and includes A2C compliance.

Quartz includes a centre portal, AO-administration module, candidate portal, and extensive business reporting. “On-line analytical processing” (OLAP) provides senior management with key information; ad-hoc and standard reports meet operational, management, and marketing needs; and Quartz provides centres with self-service information.

Visit our website www.porticoconsulting.co.uk


PSI Services LLC (PSI) has 70 years’ experience of providing worldwide testing solutions to corporates, national and regional government agencies, professional associations and certifying bodies. PSI offers a comprehensive solutions-focused approach, from test development and psychometrics to delivery and results-processing. As well as managing a global network of secure test centres, PSI is committed to transforming the accepted test delivery model within our industry by improving convenience and accessibility for all test-takers. We combine a vast range and depth of experience in the testing industry with a passion for innovation.

This drive to innovate and leverage next-generation technologies has allowed PSI to develop test delivery models, many of which are unique to the testing industry, including:

  • Browser-based test platform
  • Performance-based testing in the Cloud
  • Online interactive proctoring
  • Record and review proctoring
  • Testing kiosks
  • Mobile offline test centres
More information is available at www.psionline.com/international


Questionmark assessment and portal solutions enable organisations to measure knowledge, skills and attitudes for certification, channel expertise, workforce learning and regulatory compliance. Questionmark’s assessment management system, available OnDemand or for on-premise deployment, enables collaborative, multilingual authoring; multiple delivery options including mobile devices; trustable results and comprehensive analytics.

Questionmark enables learning and assessment professionals to create, deliver and analyse surveys, quizzes, tests and exams. Questionmark’s translation management features and multilingual interfaces streamline localisation and delivery of multilingual assessments. Delivery is optimised for accessibility to accommodate participants with disabilities. Flexible APIs and support of major industry standards ensure effective integration and interoperability with a variety of enterprise systems.

Questionmark OnDemand, a scalable, rapidly-deployable SaaS solution, offers 99.9+% uptime, available 24/7 support and the peace-of-mind of a secure, ISO acredited European based datacenter.

Visit our website www.questionmark.com
RM Results

RM Results

RM Results is a UK-based company that specialises in providing e-marking software to awarding organisations globally. Its e-marking solution, RM Assessor was used to mark over 200 million exam pages in 2016, making it the most widely-used high stakes examination marking software in the world, trusted by some of the most prestigious names in assessment.

RM Results currently supplies e-marking software to clients administering high stakes examinations in countries including India, Poland, Slovenia, the UK and the Caribbean; as well as international bodies such as ACCA, the International Baccalaureate and Cambridge International Examinations.
Secure and Confidential Documents

Secure and Confidential Documents

Secure and Confidential Documents Limited is recognised as a leading ISO 27001 accredited secure print and print services supplier in the educational, qualifications and membership market. We operate in a high security unit and create, print, fulfil and process many forms of confidential documents. Our customers entrust us not to fail – whether that be time, cost or security - as failure in our market sectors can have impact in terms of brand and reputation, cost and political ramifications as well as impact on the candidates education and careers.

We have worked closely with Professional and Awarding Bodies for over 25 years and have experience of a wide range of sectors – from National Departments of Education to International Governments to small vocational institutes and colleges to Professional Bodies.

We provide a full solution to our exam clients relating to secure print and communication including services such as:-

  • typesetting and proof-reading
  • printing of exam question papers, answer books and all related stationery
  • fulfilment services – storage, pick and pack
  • membership & student print and mailing services – Results, Subscriptions, Certificates
  • MCQ scanning and marking services
  • Online marking systems
  • Secure electronic distribution of documents
  • Scanning and data-capture from forms, MCQs
  • Secure document management – Archive, Retrieval, Destruction

Further details can be found on our website (www.scd-uk.com) or contact us via the contact details below.

Phone Tim Cammack on 01723 212052 or 07557 920584, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website www.scd-uk.com
Smart Apprentices

Smart Apprentices

The move to independent end-point assessment at the end of the apprenticeship programme is a once in a generation opportunity for Awarding Organisations to modernise and grow their apprenticeship assessment revenue.

Smart Apprentices have partnered with a leading AAO to launch the first purposely designed technology, Smart EPA, to fully manage End-Point Assessments, mitigating compliance risks and reducing administration costs and hassle.

Drop into our stand 3 and we will share with you our best practice process of managing successful end-point assessments with our innovative new technology, giving you the confidence and peace of mind to harvest this exciting new opportunity.

Find out about our best practice process, and innovative technology at www.smartepa.com

We will also be hosting a breakfast ‘fringe’ session on 20th October at 8:30am reserve your complimentary place from the News & Events tab on our web site www.smartepa.com


TestReach is a unique cloud-based application that provides a scalable and cost-effective way to deliver any assessment online, which includes the option of integral remote invigilation. It covers everything from simple tests and feedback surveys, through to formal, high-stakes exams with multiple paper variants.

Create engaging assessments using the advanced test authoring tool and then roll them out securely, anywhere in the world, at any time, for any number of candidates. At the click of a button, exams can be remotely invigilated by our team of trained supervisors who connect securely to the candidate for the duration of the exam.

As a SaaS solution, TestReach is easy-to-use, quick to roll out and cost effective for even a small number of exams. With advanced authoring, marking and reporting features, it offers the flexibility to meet a variety of assessment needs all within one single application.

Learn more at www.testreach.com

TPP Recruitment

TPP Recruitment

TPP Education & Training is a specialist division within TPP Recruitment dedicated to sourcing all types of awarding and professional body employees, from Qualifications, Assessment and Product Developers, Quality Assurance professionals, CPD and E-learning specialists. Our consultants are renowned for recruiting permanent, temporary, contract or consultancy staff with an awarding or professional body related background from junior through to senior appointment level.

TPP Recruitment’s divisions cover HR & Specialist Support, Finance & Accountancy, Facilities, Senior Appointments, Fundraising & Development, IT, Digital, and Marketing & Communications. The company provides a variety of free services through its Giving Back programme including sector-specific seminars, forums and salary surveys as well as offering free use of our boardroom and free advertising for voluntary vacancies.

Visit our website www.tpp.co.uk